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The following maps are available in the Alberta government standard format of PDF (Adobe Acrobat).

Interactive maps are also available. 

Map of Approved well locations under the Modernized Royalty Framework PDF icon

Metallic and Industrial Minerals

Metallic and Industrial Minerals Map 

​A map of Alberta showing the current metallic and industrial minerals dispositions.Interactive version

Metallic and Industrial Minerals Client List 

A list of current metallic and industrial minerals designated representatives and their reference identification number.

Ammonite Shell
Ammonite Shell Activity Map 

​A map of Alberta showing the current ammonite shell dispositions. Interactive version

Ammonite Shell Activity Map - Lethbridge Area 

A map of the Lethbridge area showing the current ammonite shell dispositions.

Ammonite Shell Client List 
A list of current ammonite shell designated representatives and their reference I.D. number. 

Coal Activity Map 
A map of Alberta showing the current coal dispositions.                                                  Interactive version

Coal Client List 
A list of current coal designated representatives and their reference i.d. number.

Ethane extraction facilities map PDF icon (February 2018)
A map of Alberta showing the current ethane extraction facilities.

Natural Gas
Map of Natural Gas Infrastructure 
This map indicates operating natural gas wells, facilities and pipelines in the province.

Map of the Natural Gas HUB 
The Alberta Hub is part of a North American network linking 500,000 kilometres of pipelines and accessing markets representing more than half of North America’s combined natural gas demand. Alberta’s natural gas processing and distribution hub is the key to unlocking the full potential of Alaska and Mackenzie Valley gas.

DRRZD and ZD Legend and Map Directory
Deeper Rights Reversion Zone Designation (DRRZD) was introduced into the tenure system in 1976. Go to the DRRZD Legend and Log Look up.

Zone Designations (ZDs) were created in the early 1950s for natural gas leases and describe specific intervals or zones proven capable of producing gas in paying quantities. Go to the ZD Legend and Log Look up.

Oil Pipelines Map 
Location of Alberta oil pipelines

Oil Sands
Alberta's Oil Sands Leased Area 

AER Designated Oil Sands Area PDF icon

Since 2017 the department has published in-depth, oil sands royalty project information, including an Oil Sands Royalty Projects Map. As a result of this publication, the Alberta’s Oil Sands Projects and Upgraders Map in PDF version has been discontinued.

While the Oil Sands Royalty Projects Map is limited to oil sands royalty project information only, related information on oil sands projects can be found at the following links:

Caribou map

How to Read a Township Map PDF icon

Map Disclaimer

​Alberta Energy has provided this information as a resource for stakeholders and members of the public. Although extensive effort has been made to produce error free and complete data, all geographical information has limitations due to the scale, resolution, date and interpretation of the original source materials. Users are responsible for verifying the data prior to making decisions based on the mineral information provided on this website.
Please use the information accordingly and respect the Copyright and Disclaimer Notice.

If you have comments or questions about the interactive maps, please contact CMD.Energy@gov.ab.ca or contact the Coal and Mineral Development Unit.