​Mining is the prime industry in over 150 Canadian communities and directly employs one in 40 Canadians. The minerals industry (excluding oil and gas) is estimated to directly employ about 10,000 people right here in Alberta. Non-energy minerals excavated and mined in Alberta today include sand and gravel (production value of $289 million), sandstone and other building stone ($6 million), iron and magnetite, and gold. Salt ($17 million) and limestone continue to be the leading non-fuel minerals produced in Alberta.

Other minerals produced or potentially available in Alberta include metallic minerals, diamonds, ammonite, and other precious stones, industrial minerals and stone. Presently, there are no underground mines active in Alberta. There are four major quarries in Alberta. Alberta has hundreds of sand and gravel pits of various sizes. Some sand and gravel is washed for placer minerals, such as gold and platinum, before being used for construction, fill and cement manufacturing. 

If you missed the webinars a copy is available at the links below.

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