Energy Library Services

Alberta Government Library – Great West Life Site Library Services supports the mandate and programs of Alberta Energy by facilitating and managing access to published and public program-related information..

Our clients include:

  • The General Public
  • Alberta Energy Staff
  • Alberta Geological Survey Staff
  • NEOS Consortium Libraries and Affiliated Clients
  • Other Libraries
  • Other Government of Alberta Staff

We work with a variety of information:

  • published and public, program-related information
    • of internal and external origin
    • in a variety of formats, including print, electronic and multi-media.

Subject Expertise and Collection Focus

  • Energy, geoscience, and minerals related areas. Click here (subjects) for more detail.

Public Services

General Enquiries

Looking for energy, minerals or geosciences information? If it is within our area of expertise, we aim to provide the actual information, or referral to contacts and agencies, both within and outside our organization. Need a copy of a Ministry publications? You are welcome to ask Library Services. If we cannot get a copy of the publication for you directly, we will identify appropriate contacts and/or forward your request. If a Ministry publication is out of print, you may be able to access it in our collection, or we may be able to suggest another library closer to you.

Access to Library Resources
All print materials in the library collection are available to the public for on-site use during our regular business hours. You are welcome to phone ahead to confirm what we have available.

To find out what we have in the collection, search the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue. Our materials are identified in The Gate as AGL GWL. On shelf means that the material is on the shelf. If material is signed out, we may still be able to access it for you.

Borrowing Library Materials
Many of books and reports in our library may be borrowed by the public. Journals and magazines cannot be borrowed by the public. There are two ways to borrow materials:

  1. Borrow Materials In Person: If your organization's library is a NEOS Consortium Member you may sign out materials from our collection using your NEOS or institutional library card. If you have no NEOS affiliation, you may be eligible for a NEOS Library Card for use in our library. Please phone us for more information.
  2. Arrange an Interlibrary Loan: If you cannot visit our library, or if you are not eligible for a NEOS card, request an Interlibrary Loan through your organization's library or your public library. If you found the material on The Gate, please provide your library with all the information you have on the material and where it is located. We fill requests from other libraries within two days of receiving the request, if the material is available. However, you may wait two days to two months before your library can get the material. So give your library lots of lead time.

Request a Photocopy
Alberta Energy Library Services will fax (within North America only) or mail up to 10 pages of published information, within the limits of Copyright Law.

Search the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue to see if we have the publication you are interested in then contact us.

Subject and Collection Focus

Key Subject Areas

  • Energy, Mineral and Aggregate Exploration, Industry and Policy
  • Geosciences
  • Electricity Industry and Policy
  • Environmental Issues and Policy: relevant to production and use of nonrenewable resources
  • Clean Air Strategies: for production and use of nonrenewable and alternative energy resources
  • Alberta and Western Canada: we also cover Canadian, U.S. and international information, as it relates to our region.

Core Information Resources in our Collection

Alberta Publications

  • Department of Energy publications
  • Alberta Energy Regulator publications (formerly the Energy Resources Conservation Board) 
  • Alberta Geological Survey: a partial collection
  • Alberta-Canada Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) reports
  • Alberta Utilities Commission publications
  • Alberta/Canada Energy Resource Research Fund reports
  • Provincial Legislation: Acts, Regulations, Department of Energy, public Ministerial Orders

Canadian Publications

  • Geological Survey of Canada
  • Geological Survey reports from other provinces
  • Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) publications

Publications from Outside Canada

  • U.S. Department of Energy statistical publications

Journals, Magazines and Newsletters

Collaboration with Other Information Services

Alberta Government Library – Great West Life Site
The Alberta Government Library – Great West Life Site Library collaborates with the Alberta Geological Survey.

Other Energy Information Services
Alberta Government Library – Great West Life Site Library Services strives to coordinate and collaborate with other public information services in the Ministry, including Alberta Geological Survey.

Alberta Government Library
A shared service of Service Alberta (SA), the Alberta Government Library (AGL) through its site libraries provides a full range of library services to several ministries. The Great West Life Site Library primarily serves Alberta Energy, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and Parks & Protected Areas. The four site libraries provide their primary clients with access to shared resources available in all AGL sites.

NEOS Library Consortium
NEOS is a cooperative consortium of libraries providing access to information in a cost effective manner. It does so through the sharing of people, technology, collections and other resources. In doing so, NEOS provides a strong voice for its members and its clients. NEOS member libraries share the NEOS Library Consortium Catalogue as their common Internet-accessible catalogue.