Electronic Transfer System

The Electronic Transfer System (ETS) provides secure access to do business electronically with Alberta Energy. Holders of an authorized Account may access the services available through ETS. For an overview of the services available through ETS, see the ETS Overview .

Electronic Transfer System (password is required)

Support: If you are Primary/Backup Administrator and having login problems, please call Client Registry at 780-422-1395 . All other ETS users please report login problems to your Primary or Backup Administrator(s).               

Apply for Access
To receive access to the Electronic Transfer System, an ETS Account Set Up/Change Form and letter of authorization must be submitted to the department. Please see instructions on filling out the form and accompanying letter..

Listings of Manuals
Listings of Manuals outlining how to use the different services offered by ETS.
Online Learning 
Online Learning provides courses for most systems accessed through ETS. Please click the online Learning link above to access the courses.