Coal External Resources

The following list of organizations and their websites are provided as a resource for website visitors. These websites primarily serve educational, research or public information needs.  Alberta Energy is not responsible for the content or operation of third-party websites or electronic services.


Organizations and associations related to the Coal industry.

Alberta Chamber of Resources (ACR)
ACR’s offers solutions and seeks balance to ensure the orderly development of Canadian resources.  The ACR has 187 members that create billions of dollars worth economic activity in Alberta every year.

Canadian Clean Power Coalition
The Canadian Clean Power Coalition is an association of Canadian coal and coal-fired electricity producers. The coalition  proactively addresses environmental issues to secure a future for coal-fired electricity generation, within the context of Canada's multi-fuelled electricity industry.

Canadian Geoscience Council (CGC)
CGC provides an open forum for communications, discussion and debate to ensure the effectiveness and influence of the geosciences in addressing the needs of the people of Canada, especially with regard to the quality of life, economic prosperity, and the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment.

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM)
CIM is the leading technical society of professionals in the Canadian minerals, metals, materials and energy industries. With over 12,000 national members, CIM strives to be the association of choice for professionals in the minerals industries.

Coal Association of Canada (CAC)
CAC, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, represents companies engaged in the exploration, development, use and transportation of coal. Its members include major coal producers and coal-using utilities, the railroads and ports, and industry suppliers of goods and services. 

Mining Association of Canada (MAC)
MAC's mission is to promote, through the collective action of members, the growth and development of Canada's mining and mineral-processing industry, for the benefit of all Canadians.

Prospectors Development Association of Canada (PDAC)
PDAC founded in 1932, represents the interests of the Canadian mineral exploration and development industry. The association has over 6,000 individual members (including prospectors, developers, geoscientists, consultants, mining executives, and students, as well as those involved in the drilling, financial, investment, legal and other support fields) and 950 corporate members (including senior, mid-size and junior mining companies and organizations providing services to the mineral industry).

Educational and Research

Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions
As one of four dynamic new corporations within Alberta's provincially funded research and innovation system, Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions came into being on January 1, 2010. Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions builds on the strengths and successes of the former Alberta Energy Research Institute and now includes the Alberta Water Research Institute.

Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions links
This page lists some useful website links related to Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions programs and partners, and to issues in connection with energy research in general.

Canadian Centre for Energy Information
A non-for profit organization supported by research and vetted by reputable, independent sources, this is a key resource for credible, up-to-date energy information. The web portal covers the Canadian energy system from the mainstays of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear and hydropower through to solar, wind, thermal, biomass, geothermal and fuel cells.

  • Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on the planet, learn about it's history and future.

Clean Coal Centre(CCC) with the International Energy Agency (IEA)
The CCC under the IEA provides unbiased information on the sustainable use of coal world-wide.  Funded by member countries and industrial sponsors IEA CCC products include in-depth topical reports and online databases of coal information.

Coal Association of Canada (CAC)
CAC, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, represents companies engaged in the exploration, development, use and transportation of coal. Its members include major coal producers and coal-using utilities, the railroads and ports, and industry suppliers of goods and services.

Coal is King
Provided by the Heritage Community Foundation (Alberta Online Encyclopedia),the "When Coal Was King:  Coal Mining in Western Canada" website is collaborative collection of Coal history.  Coal is the foundation of many communities in southern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia.

Natural Resources Canada - Energy and the Environment Kids Club
Visit the Club House to watch the adventures of NRCat, Inspector Joules and Simon as they learn more about energy conservation or watch Lola's Great Green Ride, an activity book and art gallery are also part of the collection.

Prospectors Development Association of Canada -  Mining Matters
PDAC Mining Matters helps to educate students about Canada’s geology and mineral resource endowment and promotes awareness of the importance of rocks, metals, minerals and mining through the dissemination of information and the development and distribution of educational programs and material.

Royal Alberta Museum - Collections & Research
The museum is committed to building and preserving collections documenting the Alberta's biodiversity, landscapes, and human history. Collections are accessible to researchers and the interested public and specimens will be loaned to qualified institutions.

World Coal Institute (WCI)
WCI is a global industry association comprised of the major international coal producers and stakeholders.  Membership is open to companies and not-for-profit organizations with a stake in the future of coal from anywhere in the world.


Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
The AER is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Alberta. Its mission is to ensure that the discovery, development, and delivery of Alberta's energy resources take place in a manner that is fair, responsible, and in the public interest.

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, as proud stewards of air, land, water and biodiversity, will lead the achievement of desired environmental outcomes and sustainable development of natural resources for Albertans. Sustainable resource development contributes to the provincial economy and the sustainable use of Alberta’s natural resources through responsible and innovative resource management and conservation.

Alberta Geological Survey (AGS)
AGS provides geoscience information and expertise needed by government, industry and the public for earth-resources stewardship and sustainable development in Alberta.

Farmers' Advocate
The Farmers' Advocate and assistants are available for public information meetings on subjects such as surface rights, seismic activity, mineral leasing, trespass and other topics that may be of concern to the agricultural community.

Geological Survey of Canada
The GSC is Canada's premier agency for geoscientific information and research, with world-class expertise focusing on geoscience surveys, sustainable development of Canada's resources, environmental protection, and technology innovation.

Indian & Northern Affairs Canada -- Geoscience
Monitors and collects data on mining and mineral exploration in Northern Canada. Promotes mining investment and provides information and technical advice to a wide variety of clients, including the mining industry, other government departments, First Nations, schools and the general public.

Indian & Northern Affairs Canada -- Mines and Minerals
The Mineral Resources Directorate located in the City of Gatineau (sector Hull), Quebec develops policies and legislation to promote the sustainable development of mineral resources in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Mines and Minerals Sector (NRCan)
The Minerals and Metals Sector (MMS) of Natural Resources Canada is the federal government's primary source of scientific and technological knowledge, and policy advice, on Canada's mineral and metal resources and on explosives regulation and technology.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
NRCan plays a pivotal role in helping shape the important contributions of the natural resources sector to the Canadian economy, society and environment. This sector - forests, energy, minerals and metals, and landmass, as well as related industries - is one of the most productive, high-tech sectors in the global economy.

Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB)
The NRCB provides an impartial forum for the review of natural resource development projects and regulates confined feeding operations in Alberta. The NRCB’s mandate is to determine whether these projects/developments are in the public interest, which means balancing the social, environmental and economic interests of Albertans.

Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC)
NADC is a regional development council that indentifies and implements measures to advance northern development, as well as advise government on opportunities and issues. The NADC is involved with projects and initiatives in transportation, value-added agriculture, tourism, educational initiatives and inter-jurisdictional projects.

Special Areas Board
The Board is a unique rural municipal area covering approximately 2.1 million hectares in southeastern Alberta. The Board is responsible for the administration of the area as it relates to providing all municipal services as well as the leasing of public lands within the area. The Board is responsible for all local roads, comprising some 5,000 miles within the area. All revenue and expenditures are controlled by the Board through the Special Areas trust account.